Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here's a little secret I've been holding in for 16 weeks. These ultrasounds are actually from week 10. I could have also posted the ultrasounds from week 5 and 6 but all you'd see is a bean. Not much to see. At least these you can actually see something.

I decided to create another blog so that I could share with family and friends what is going on in our life. I'm also not really someone who keeps a traditional journal or who scrapbooks so I see the digital realm as a way of documenting everything. Don't get me wrong I keep photo albums but I 'm not into the whole scrapbooking phenomena. I will attempt to keep a baby book but if it doesn't work out I won't feel guilty because I have this blog, and knowing I have family and friends who I don't see that often I will be diligent about posting what's up. I hope to post something at least every week. Enjoy!!