Monday, June 24, 2013


Mark that off my list of things to do!
Babies room is finished. Monsters is the theme, all based on that one piece of fabric.
I didn't want to spend a ton of $ on wall art so I drew a few of the monsters in Illustrator(computer), printed them out and framed them.
I made two pillows for the chair. The orange guy turned out looking like Gossamer from Bugs Bunny. Ha! Kind of appropriate for me since I can quote or identify any Looney Tunes cartoon within the first 15 seconds of an episode starting.
The other pillow is just the monster print. Made a blanket and a bed skirt for the bed to hide the flat rubbermaid tub that holds baby blankets. Star mobile in the corner is made of colored construction paper sewn together and an embroidery hoop. The fabric has stars in it too.
I saved practically everything of Violets. So luckily no need to buy baby toys, books, blankets, etc.
The mobile characters are made of felt based on characters on the fabric.
Close up of blanket. The back side of the blanket is that super soft Minky fabric.
And then we have this guy.  The Wampa rug. For those who don't know, the Wampa is from the beginning of Empire Strikes Back. Google him if you still don't know.
And then some how Boba Fett managed to make the wall. So you get a glimpse at the room Chris is wanting in the future. :)
I don't think the Wampa rug is going to make the cut and be left in the room right now. I'm afraid I'm going to trip over his giant head and kill myself. But for now he looks cool.
Not much more on my list of needs. We do need a new car seat and monitor but will probably wait till the beginning of August to get those.
Now to finish up making some baby clothes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It was a Monsters Inc. filled weekend. We went and saw Monsters University and this afternoon Violet did her first Lowes Clinic. They built Monsters University boxes.
I've been wanting to go for a while. Kids can't participate till they are five and every time one has come up since March we've been busy or it was something she wasn't interested in building.

She enjoyed it and wants to do it again.


Violet and Chris went over to Grandma Youngs house and Violet fished for the first time off their dock.
She caught seven fish and threw each one back herself. She even grabbed the worms out of the can for Grandma.