Friday, May 9, 2008


I thought I'd get some video of Violet when she wakes up in the morning. It's not exactly the most exciting video. But she's all smiles and is trying real hard to laugh or make a noise. Right now it's just a high pitch squeal or weezing sound with a lot of opening her mouth and nothing coming out. She wakes at 6:45 to eat and then goes back to sleep till 9:30 which is her real wake up time. But right before she wakes up she fusses a bit but her eyes are still closed. Once I put my hand on her chest and say her name she goes crazy. Of course this video doesn't show how excited she usually gets.


She's actually 2 1/2 months but here's her two month photos. We picked them up yesterday. It's a pretty good photo. They managed to get a photo of her holding her head up. Which didn't last long. She's still a little wobbly but she's able to hold it up more now.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I thought I'd better get a picture of Violet in this outfit before her head out grew the hat. This sweater and bonnet were mine so that makes them 32 years old. Grandma Verble made them for me and I'd have to say it's held up really well. Unfortunately it's really to warm to wear the bonnet and by this fall her head will be way to big for it. I may be able to use the sweater then, it's actually a little big.
Of course she wasn't cooperating with me today and just wanted to sleep. As you can see in the second photo, her hair is really starting to grow back.