Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Violet is now drinking her milk. She's officially on whole milk now too. Last Tuesday we finished up the last bit of formula that we were adding to the milk. She was only on straight formula for 2 weeks. So it was nice not having to buy a ton of that stuff. In a year I think we bought only 7 cans. We also managed to drop all bottles except the bedtime bottle. Also, for the last week and a half she's been on table food at school too. No more making meals and having to pack them up everyday. She'll also feed herself if the food isn't messy. She doesn't like messy hands I guess.

Also... thanks John... I ate all your possibly salmonella contaminated boy scout peanut carmel popcorn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Monday evening we had to stop by Walmart to pick up some medicine. They had Valentine's Day ballons marked down to $.25. We thought it might be fun for the evening so we got one. Violet did not like the balloon. In fact we had to cover it with a blanket in the car. We tried playing with it when we got home but we had the same reaction. So it stayed in the bathroom. Last night was a little better. The balloon could at least be in the same room she just wouldn't really look at it. Then this morning as I was putting her shoes on she decided she wanted to play with it. I guess she just needed to get used to it. As of last night we thought we were going to have to do away with balloons at her birthday. But it looks like it'll be ok.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I finished Violet's doll as well as the dress for Violet that matches her doll. She'll be wearing that for her birthday as well as for her pictures. This will be the last professional photos we do of her for a while. It's great having done them every month and seeing how much she's changed.

The flower trim on the dress was made by my friend Alyssa. She makes lace by tatting. Tatting is the art of making lace using one or more shuttles or using a shuttle and a ball.