Monday, November 12, 2012


Tiny wigs straight from Hong Kong.
So I decided to re-wig Violet's dolls. Though I love the look of the Madame Alexander dolls I hate the hair. I know why the American Girl dolls are more expensive and superior, it's the hair. I searched on line for people who do custom AG dolls and discovered how to re-wig a doll and where to buy the hair.
New hair. Much better quality. The MA dolls heads must be a tiny bit larger than the AG girls. It was a little difficult getting these on.
MA Ariel doll. This dolls hair was the worst! SUPER frizzy.  The super red hair was a bit much too.
I had to cut all the hair off as close to the skull as possible.
That's a lot of hair.
I decided to go with a more natural red hair coloring. I bought the extra long hair for this one.
Before I attempted this on Violet's two dolls I took the doll that I keep in my studio and did her hair first. After success I ordered two more wigs.
Very happy with the results and Violet can actually brush these without getting the brush stuck in their hair.
Yesterday was the perfect day to stay in and play with her dolls. She had the whole living room set up.