Thursday, May 15, 2014


Mystery bird solved. A very strange situation. Yesterday we went out to look at the nest. Mommy Robin was in there so we couldn't see the babies. But I almost got nailed by the bird pictured below. It flew out and onto the house next door. Then I heard a ton of commotion from the back of the tree. I walked around and looked around and found this guy (above pic) It's a young Finch. Still has tons of fluffy feathers and I don't think it can fly yet. It just kept hopping around from branch to branch. Obviously not happy that I was there. I searched on line for "do birds share nests?" and other variations of that question and came up with nothing. So apparently the Robin doesn't care that another bird is occupying her nest along with her and her babies.
Today we got to see the babies.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Party at Custard's Last Stand last night.
We got our pictures from this season and Violet got her trophy. But the most important part was getting ice cream.


Baby bird update: There seems to be another bird living in the nest with the baby Robin's and the mommy bird. I took this Monday night and thought maybe this was the mommy Robin and the dad was the one sitting on the nest. Not the case. Yesterday afternoon Violet and I went out after school to see the nest. This little bird squeezed out from under the Robin sitting on the nest. It startled us. I watched it fly off and where it went. It flew over to our white arbor and then the fence. It's a Finch!? Very weird.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


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Monday, May 12, 2014


So I decided to make a SWAPS banner to hold all of Violet's GS SWAPS. The hats I bought the girls were just baseball style hats that really won't be able to hold a ton of SWAPS. I was afraid buying bucket style hats would have been just way to big for our girls heads. Even these hats were big on a few of them. Maybe when they are brownies we'll get those kind of hats. So as a result the banner idea came to mind. So after every camp we'll remove them from the hats and add them to the banner. Hopefully this banner can hold two years worth and then we'll just make a new one. Right now it's hanging on the inside of her closet door.


@ Yogurtini. Violet likes a little ice cream with her toppings.


We have a nest in our tiny evergreen tree in the backyard. The nest can't be more than 5feet off the ground. Tree is only about 7 feet tall.  I can just walk right up to it and look into it. Violet can't see into the nest so I have to lift her up. We noticed the eggs last week. I've been checking it the last few days but mommy bird was always in it. I saw her fly out of it yesterday so I went to take a look.
It's hard to tell how many are in there. I know there were three eggs. We hung a bird feed we made at camp last week and it's already gone. Might have to make some more.