Saturday, January 22, 2011


I got all the pieces for Violet's doll box cut out last night. In this pic nothing is glued together yet, it's all just sitting in place. It'll stand 27" tall and 12" wide. I found the small dresser at Hobby Lobby and it fits perfectly inside. More pics coming later as I finish it.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday's snow. About 8-9ish inches. I had to shovel the grass before letting the dogs out. Wednesday night when we got home I shoveled the back porch and grass every few hours. It was coming down very fast. One of those times I accidentally buried Ivy under three shovel fulls of snow. She insisted on getting out the door before I could get out first, so I just decided to shovel and let her run around. I didn't know she had gotten behind me, up against the house, next to the deck. I heard her bell and whining. That's when I realized what had happened. I had to pick her up and shake her off. She was completely covered, all white. The only thing visible was her tongue hanging out. Wish I had gotten a pic of that. Maybe next time she'll wait till I'm done before trying to squeeze out the door ahead of me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Every night geese fly over our house. Not just a few geese, a few hundred geese. It's always around 5:00-5:30ish. Before it got real cold we'd go outside and watch them fly over. Monday evening we happened to be in the car heading home from the dentist. I asked Violet were she thought the geese were going. She said, "a pond". I said "are they going to go fishing at the pond". She said, "No, they can't fish. They no have hands."

Monday, January 17, 2011


The weekend before last Violet's BIG girl bed arrived and I also finished working on all the bedding and decor. I bought the pink comforter and pillow shams in a Full, in order to get the two pillow shams, and then cut the comforter down to a Twin size. The left over material from that I used to make the two small longer pillows on the end of the bed. Last spring I purchased 4 yards of the bird material and used every bit of it.

Made the wall hangings out of different size embroidery hoops and used the fabric.

Fuzzy pom-poms!!

Bought these bird cages at Hobby Lobby last summer and painted them to match the room. I still haven't decided if I want to hang them or not.
I'd still like to make a green shaped bird pillow for the bed or chair and a stuffed bird on a stand.

I found this plastic cuckoo clock last summer but decided it looked tooo small hanging on the wall by itself so I bought a plaque to hang it on. I spray painted it pink then used that Martha Stewart glitter I like so much and glued it all over it. It looks much better now.