Friday, April 29, 2016


At the school assembly this morning Violet received the Optimist Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship, Creativity and Effort in the Visual Arts!  Only one kid from each grade receives an Optimist award. Another boost of encouragement when it comes to being creative!
Wore her Artist at Heart shirt:)
Each grade winner.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Tonight Violet was awarded Artist of Merit at the Young Authors/Illustrators Ceremony. 
Grades Kindergarten thru third from the eighteen Lee's Summit elementary schools where recognized.
Her illustration was published in a book that every student received.
Violet was super excited because her illustration made the beginning page of the Second grade section of the book.
A local author spoke to the kids first and congratulated each student. She said we didn't need to stay and talk with the author because we have one at home :).


Violet and another girl from her class were asked to represent Hawthorn Hill Elementary at the Partners in Education event last night. This is a thank you event to community businesses that volunteer their time to the schools with different programs. Violet took part in the Book Buddy program this year hosted by the Mid-Continent library. Her teacher and principal were also there. Each school had a table with displays that showed pictures and explanations of their particular program. I didn't even know anything like this took place or that so many local community leaders and companies provide programs to the schools. Pretty cool.
Violet wasn't a fan of having to talk to people but her teacher did a great job of engaging Violet and getting her to talk to people.
She was most excited about the dessert bar.
At the end of the event her principal let her and the other girl take home one of the table decorations.