Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This project took 5 1/2 years to complete. Both done with each kid at 22months.
Silhouettes and hand prints flank the back door.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Look who joined us at the table this weekend. So far he hasn't messed with the plate. The first time that plate gets thrown on the floor we're going back to the tray on his booster seat.
He's been using a fork and spoon since April! He saw his neighbor friends, who are 5 months older than him, using one at a party and he's demanded one ever since. I swear I don't think Violet used a fork on her own till she was three. For a boy he has crazy good fine motor skills. Dr. even mentioned that at his 6mon check up. I've never really thought much of it. But friday night he took macaroni noodles and one at a time slid them onto to the tines of his fork.


Violet completed the summer reading program at the library. She received her three free books this weekend. She still has to complete the summer reading for school which is slightly more than what the library required. I won't say this has been an easy task this summer. She can read just fine and has always tested just slightly above or at her reading level. However she just doesn't like to read. She finds it a chore and I find I'm fighting with her most days to go read. So everything I read when Violet was an infant about reading to them early so they'll love books has been wrong. We've read to her every night since she was 6months old and still do. Still no real interest in reading.


Got a shiny gold dollar coin and a mini Hershey bar.