Thursday, July 14, 2011


We watched part of the first Harry Potter movie on Tuesday night. We happened to watch part of #2 at the hotel in Iowa and Violet was glued to it. So we watched the first one till it was time for bed and Violet had to go find her witch hat in her play clothes box. I was afraid it might be to scary for her. Especially the 3 headed dog named Fluffly. But it didn't phase her. I think because she asks tons of questions, and I try to explain most things or make light of it, she doesn't over analyze "scary stuff". Living in our house she's got to not be afraid of odd weird things, and so far she isn't. Except for thunder.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ADVENTURE TIME... Adventureland.

We spent two days in Iowa at Adventureland with some of our neighbors. There were a lot of firsts for Violet. First hotel sleepover, first theme park and first time going with out a nap for two days. She did pretty good with the no naps.

We swam most of the afternoon on friday. The pool was not busy at all. In fact we pretty much had it to ourselves.

Big steak dinner after lots of swimming. Then we went and did some more swimming.

First ride for Violet!!

Violet and Addi.

First roller coaster ride. It was a small indoor mine roller coaster. Not a fan of this one because it was dark.

Violet and Addi.

Addi and Violet.

Mr. Joe and his piggies.

Hailey, Delaney, and Violet.

Chris has the circle drawn around him.

Austin and Hailey.

Not a fan.

Violet fell asleep in the car from the parking lot to McDonalds after we left the park. Which was a total of 5 minutes. We drove home that night hoping she'd sleep in the car. She of course did not, that is until we got to the Grandview Triangle.