Friday, May 3, 2013


Glad I put all my spring decor out last weekend.  We probably had 1-2". It did not stick to the roads. Trees last night did not look good. Lots of drooping of plants and trees.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Harley had her first check up with our vet and next round of immunizations. She also had her stitches removed. She has a bit of a bulge where the stitches were and it's gotten larger over the last three days. We thought it was a hernia but Dr. doesn't think it is because he can't seem to push it back it. He thinks it might be swollen because of the internal stitches that are still there. It doesn't seem to hurt her and she's been acting just fine. We have to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any larger or she'll have to go back to the vet.
After the vet we came home and I gave her a bath for the first time. She smells better and is much fluffier. It was the quickest dog bath I've ever given. Even when Ivy and Willow were this small they still had a lot of hair that took a bit to get soaked and then a good brushing followed. I brushed Harley, though I didn't need to, just so she gets used to me grooming her. Then I took her outside to dry off where she proceeded to roll and drag herself commando style through the grass.


 Two and half weeks ago Violet and I went and saw Mary Poppins at the Music Hall. It was the day after Ivy died and I wasn't really up for going but tickets weren't cheap and so we went.
She wore her Mary Poppins dress from her 4th birthday. The dress fit really well and wasn't to short. I must have made it longer but just don't remember. However the cumberbun barely fit and kept popping open.
We had pretty good seats. We were in the balcony, center stage. The Music Hall is definitely no Fox Theatre. Just not as fancy. Our seats had no seats behind us so Violet could stand up when she got antsy. Which was often. The show was good but had some slow parts that did not keep Violet's interest. I hear Beauty and the Beast is coming in December. We may have to attend that one.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


She does do more than just sleep. I stayed home from Violet's soccer practice last night to let Harley play. You can see Willow on her bed under the chair in the background. Up until Sunday I had to have blankets covering the chair hiding her or Harley would bother her. I think Harley has figured out to just leave her alone.