Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well number 32 has come and gone. I did feel old last night at dinner when Chris and I were having a conversation about braces, the kid at the table next to us just got braces. Anyway I did the math and realized I got my braces 20 years ago. Ouch...that did make me feel a tad bit old. However it just seems like yesterday I had them. I remember the discomfort vividly. Well as long as I continue to get carded for beer and movies I don't mind. By the way, the last movie I got carded for was Superbad and I was pregnant. Good times.
We didn't go anywhere fancy for dinner, just Longhorn. It's close to the house in case we have a melt down with Violet. However, knock on wood, that's never happened. We then went to Target and Lowes where I bought some pots with my birthday money. Pretty exciting I know... contain your enthusiasm.
After getting earrings for mothers day I told Chris to not spend a lot on me for my birthday. Actually I said don't spend anything cause I know how much the earrings cost but he doesn't listen. I tend to price everything based on how much diapers that could have bought us. But he got me a case for my gameboy and the new crossword puzzle game. Again... contain your enthusiasm. It's a very fun and addicting game.
We then came home put Violet to bed watched the movie Cloverfield, I ate a box of H&D's Moose Munch and got sick from the movie as well as the Moose Munch. By the way that movie sucked. All in all a nice day.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I have to be careful when I use this phrase, 'O' so tasty' because this is what we tell the dogs when it's time to eat. Actually the entire phrase is 'Who wants some o' so tasty'. I'm finding a lot of phrases I used on the dogs I now use on Violet.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Today was the first time Violet reached for a toy and actually grabbed it. She's been trying for a while now. She'll get really quite and has this serious look on her face like she's consentrating real hard. I just happened look over and saw her with both toys in her hand. She's also discovered that her hands can reach her mouth. That too is new. The last week or so she's managed to get them to her mouth but they'd quickly go flying in the opposite direction. She's finally getting control of her hands and today she was able to keep them in her mouth for a while. Today was quite the day for achievements.