Saturday, November 21, 2015


Friday started off with Pastries with Parents at school then there was an assembly where Violet won the Character Trait of the month Self Control.


Monday, November 16, 2015


Having fun with friends.
Lots of fun cars this year.  
This is our favorite Girl Scout activity. We get to work together on the car. I printed out a bunch of different designed cars that I thought we could tackle and she chose the covered wagon.
This year she did a lot on the car. She glued the strips of wood I cut out, sewed the canopy by her self, painted it, sanded it, and used a drill for the first time. I drew out the plans, cut the pieces, distressed it to look old after it was painted, and sewed the canopy on.
Waiting patiently for the race to begin.
Since I know I can't make a car that will go fast we at least try to make a car that is fun and creative and has a chance at a certificate.
Great job!