Friday, December 28, 2012


Putting out milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.
Christmas morning.


Thursday, December 27, 2012


Jackson under the presents. 
That's a lot of gifts.
"Did I get beer bread."
Very, very excited about her Pillow pet dream lite from Grandma!
She was super excited to get her Doc McStuffins and her friends from Uncle John. She's never seen these before and loves them. She goes to bed with the whole crew.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Though our flight didn't leave till 2 the shuttle to the airport left at 11 which meant we didn't really have time for much to do. We did however go back to Chef Mickey for breakfast. A great way to start and end our trip.
Though Violet had seen these guys multiple times over the week she was still super excited and enthusiastic when they'd enter the room. 
Look how happy she is.
The last day there was cold. High was going to be 59 and they were expecting a frost. In fact all the planted poinsettia plants were covered.
This is the clearest pic of all of us taken with my camera. Everytime someone would ask if we wanted our picture taken they could never get the focus right. But thanks to the photo pass I've got some good ones of all of us.
Here's three of my favorite photopass photos.
The three of us have never had so much fun running around, riding rides, wearing silly ears, dancing in and singing in the streets and eating TONS of yummy food. I will remember this trip the rest of my life and hope Violet does too. It helps I took a million photos :). See you soon Disney World.


After hanging out in Tomorrowland one more time we went and had dinner at Tony's on Main Street. Way up front in the park. A bit of a walk. Tony's is the restaurant from Lady and the Tramp.

My dessert. Mint cheesecake. Crust tasted like Thin Mint cookies. The drawing on the plate is actually stenciled chocolate. Crazy!
After dine we hung around and did the Merry Christmas Party again.
Before the party began we headed over to Adventureland to ride more rides. Did the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and Pirates again. This time around we did not sit in the front row. On the first day we sat in the front row and got soaked.
Jack Sparrow.
More pretty castle pics.
We got to watch the holiday stage show that we missed at the first party because we were sitting on Main Street waiting for the parade.
I don't think we can ever go back to Disney World not during the holidays.  It was the most fun we've every had. 
We finally found Rapunzel!!
Found a perfect not so crowded spot in front of the Crystal Palace restaurant to view the Holiday Wishes show. An awesome display of changing lights and projected images on the castle.
See Mickey in the middle.
And we ended the evening with the fireworks show and... more trip on the Flying carpets :)!


For our last full day we headed back to Magic Kingdom. I took a lot of photos that day. We had a long day at the park. We got in the park around 7:15 thanks to the extra magic hour because we stayed on property. 
View of the castle first thing in the morning.The sun is still coming up.
We headed over to Tomorrowland since we missed this area completely on day one.
Riding Astro Orbiter.
Headed back over to Fantasyland because we still needed to ride the Tea Cups.
Storybook Circus area is part of the New Fantasyland area. There were very few people in the park that early in the morning. We were able to walk onto most rides without any waiting.
More picks with Minnie.

Merida from Brave.

The harder to find Alice and the White Rabbit.
We managed to be able to get lunch at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in New Fantaslyland. The evening sit down meal is booked till June. Lunch is first come first serve. Being early lunch eaters was beneficial through out the trip but most important today. We got in line at 10 for it to open at 10:30 and we got right in.
View of the Beasts castle from the line.

Inside Lobby.
We chose to eat in the ballroom. You had the choice of eating in the west wing or library.

Door behind us. It was snowing outside.
Chocolate cream puff for dessert.
The enchanted rose in the west wing area. The rose is projected inside the glass dome.

Exiting the restaurant.
I got a bunch of great photos of Violet trying to pull out the Sword in the Stone. It was pretty funny. We didn't tell her it was impossible to pull out. Love the expression of her in this one. Don't love the lady with the crazy pants behind her.
Then headed over to Frontierland to ride some more rides. Saw the Country Bear Jamboree. 
Took a mid day break and headed back to the hotel for a nap because we knew it would be a late night.

Back to the park around 3 which was perfect time to see the afternoon stage show.
Wish there were more Villians in the park to get picks of. Chris and I decided they need to make a Villian corner. Kind of a shady area for them to hang out to get picks and autographs.

Back to Tomorrowland. Violet and I rode the People Mover while Chris rode Space Mountain. Violet is not tall enough for that ride.