Friday, February 18, 2011


Grandma Fabsits to Violet

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the last thing I made for Violet's birthday. I bought this bed frame last summer at out neighborhood garage sale for $2.00. It was white with and ugly canopy and curtains. I painted it black and made a new canopy and decided not to add the curtains. I had some left over foam and cut a piece for a mattress, covered it with fleece and made a sheet. I made the pillows and quilts last winter, and now they have a home.

I made a trundle bed that slides under the bed. Perfect for Violet's other baby's.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So we decided on Yogurt tonight instead of cupcakes. The new cupcake place doesn't open until Feb 17. So tried the other new self serve yogurt place called Yorgurtini. Yes, Lee's Summit has two yogurt places that are virtually identical. We'll see witch one lasts.

Lucky us they had a Valentine's Day special. Buy 2 get one free, plus one is half off. All I know is it cost us a whole $2.85. Score again. The girl at the register said she's pretty sure the computer system is messed up and taking half off every order plus giving out the buy 2 get one free.

Here's Violet wanting hers and mine.


Violet opened up her Valentine's day gifts from us and Grandma F yesterday. Last weekend she got money and M&M's from Grandma Y.

A cute 101 Dalmation's with hearts sweatshirt.

Oooo... fuzzy.

Yeah ponies. This set was at Target over the xmas holiday for $29.99. It was marked down to $9.99. Score!

Playing with my pony house. Up until now she's only had one lonely pony and some plastic horses that she's played with in the stable. I'm searching ebay for the accessories that go with it. Most are all missing except the bed. I think I can snag them for pretty cheap.

Tonight we may go get ice cream or cupcakes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Since getting new counter tops this past summer I've wanted to repaint the island. I was tired of looking at a giant white box for five years. Time for a change.

I bought some moulding and added it to the front. A bit more dimension and not so flat looking anymore.

I could have left it white, but...

...decided to paint it a gray that goes well with the stainless steel appliances. This pic doesn't show the right color.

This pic is more true to the color.

Now we're all jazzed about starting some other painting projects we've been putting off. Probably because I love the smell of new paint. Mmmmm....paint fumes. Next up is repainting the entire first floor. It still has the original builders grade paint. We'll be repainting the same color but in a satin finish. We'll also be adding a chair rail.