Friday, June 11, 2010


Grandma Fabsits to Violet.

Thursday, June 10, 2010



One of our neighbors father-in-law gets whole sale prices at a local nursery so a bunch of neighbors and us all went in to order trees. We ordered two and got a really good deal.

The one in the background near the fence is called a Serviceberry. It's a shrub tree. You can eat the berries if you want.

We pulled out our birch tree that we planted three years ago and never grew. Chris literally lifted it right out of the ground. It wasn't dead, but the roots never took off. Very weird. This is and Autumn Sunset Maple. It will turn bright red in the fall. We also finally finished the area around the bird house. I planted phlox, lavendar, and honeysuckle. we officially have birds living in three of the six apartments.

Here are my out of control tomatoes. The left one is an Early Girl, though typically by now we should have red ones on that plant. I think the cold May weather set them back. The plant on the right are cherry tomatoes. I've picked three. We will have hundreds of these. They are very tastey!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Violet definitely knows who the ice cream man is and gets excited when she hears his bell. Over the weekend he came by late in the afternoon almost around dinner time. We were inside getting dinner ready and Violet stopped what she was doing and began running back and forth from the front door to the kitchen yelling " I nee money, I nee money!". I guess talking to her about how we need money to pay for things has sunk in. So I guess I've got 18 more years of hearing 'I need money'.


Violet will find any excuse to wash her hands. She could have a crumb or a spec of fuzz or whatever and she'll yell "wash hands!".

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I finished this tent for Violet about a week and a half ago. I used outdoor canvas material that comes on the 60" bolt. The material is supposed to be fade and mildew resistant. I don't plan on it getting wet but it's nice to know it won't fade. The 6 poles are 1"pvc pipes. They are 7" tall. The tent itself is 5ft tall. The pipes are held together with nylon rope.

I decided to put windows in it so it wouldn't get stuffy inside. There are two windows that have a roll down shade.

I didn't use a pattern. I looked on line at lots of tutorials on how to construct one and didn't find exactly what I was looking for so I kind of made it up as I went. I took elements from a lot of the ones I saw online. I put the pvc pipes together, spread out each leg with even spacing between, and used that measurement to cut my triangles. Total cost of materials $65.