Saturday, November 28, 2015


We went to Christmas in the park this evening and then stopped by a coffee shop for some treats.
He had a blast this year. He'd yell out choo-choo, elf, and other things he recognized. He was very excited.
Look at all the treats.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Our ten year old xmas garland was starting to look worn out. With not much money for new decorations I decided to make some. I spent a total of $45 and got 28 feet of garland, wood beads, the paper deer head and wood and hooks to make the stocking hanger for the fireplace.
Wool felt garland with wood bead and twine garland. All ornaments are the same.
Rudolph deer head. All I needed to buy for him was the paper mache head.
I built a stocking holder for our stockings. Every year I struggle with our stocking hangers not sitting properly on the mantle and popping off. The rounded edge is a problem. Saw this idea on pinterest! Greenery inside of the box is part of the greenery that used to sit on top of the mantle. Repurposed it.