Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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Monday, June 9, 2008


There's nothing like taking shelter from bad weather in the stock room of a Toys R Us and having people around you freaking out there kids. Taking shelter in the back of that store isn't really going to help you out. If weather is bad enough that roof is going to just peel back like a sardine can. This is how our weekend in STL started. We were turning into the Toys R Us just as the sirens were going off. We got inside just as it started to rain really hard. I went looking for socks, that was my goal, when they announced over the intercom to get away from the front of the store and head to the back. Yikes. I didn't see this but Chris said the windows, which is the whole front of the store, where shaking.
We went to STL so I could attend the opening for a plush show that I was involved in and had some pieces in. You can see what they looked like here. The show, Crammed Organisms, was located at Star Clipper Comics in the Loop. A hip artsy fartsy area with lots of indie shops and galleries. It's the first plush show I've been able to go to since most are always on the east or west coast.
Violet had a melt down that night while we were gone of course, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with bar-b-que, and I had a girls night out where I had a tasty martini that just tasted like fruit punch.
It was a busy busy weekend.