Monday, July 20, 2015


Cousins visit. Lots of swimming, playing outside, shopping, ice cream, more swimming, zoo, staying up late, skating, melt downs, tons of popsicles, and tons of fun. I'm tired.
Violet's favorite ice cream place, Yogurtini. It's not really about the ice cream. It's about all the treats she can add to the ice cream. Usually there is more gummi worms, m&m's, chocolate chips, etc. than ice cream.
Make a wish.
Took him forever to make his wish. 
Lunch at IKEA.
IKEA has a play area where you can drop your kids off and then go shop. This was apparently the highlight of the trip because Violet asked to go back to IKEA.
First corn on the cob.
Too hot outside so we played games inside.
More ice cream.  
Trip to the zoo. Tiger let out a loud roar. You can see Violet jump in the pic.