Friday, January 25, 2013


This is my second reproduction 1930's Mickey watch. The first watch was bought in 1993 after one of my first paying mural jobs. I wore that watch a lot. About two years ago it stopped keeping time correctly. Thought it was maybe the battery. After having it fixed twice I basically found out that it's almost impossible to fix old watches. The insides of watches today are made with thinner gears. So to fix my old watch you'd have to find an old watch with similar insides to use. Kinda sucked. I even took it to Disney World because I had heard that the jewelry shop on Main Street could fix it. Apparently they no longer do watch repairs.
While in Disney World I saw the current reproduction watch. I did not buy it because I refused to spend the $250.00 they were asking. When I got home I searched around on the internet and found that I could purchase the watch from Ingersoll, the watch maker, for half the price. Yay! When the watch arrived I knew I'd need to take it to a jeweler to have some links removed. Almost two weeks later I got it back. A little confusion of how many links I wanted taken out plus they broke the glass, led to the delay. But now I have it! Compared to my original this one is better made. It's made of stainless steel, not nickle , has a larger turn dial and is a wind up. I think my first one is actually closer in appearance to the original because of the thin metal, but I always had problems with the clasp on it because of the thin nickel.
The watch repair man I dealt with told me about a man who brought him one of the original watches for fixing that was given to him by Walt Disney.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I thought I'd take advantage of the long weekend and work on the continuing office makeover. Chrise took down the chandelier that we kept running into and put in a ceiling fan.
We've added the chair rail and trim just like in the foyer. This project did not get done this weekend thanks to three different Lowes not having the trim we needed in stock. Were told it would take about a week to get in. So the room is about 75% done. I got the back wall and window wall done so I could push the furniture back. We're going to carry this up into the hallway upstairs too. Room still needs an office chair and someday crown molding.