Thursday, May 24, 2012


Violet's got this about 90% figured out. She's just having issues with the tension. I think we'll have this mastered this summer for sure. Mark that off our list. I wish I could mark 'putting our face in the water' off our list too.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Thought we'd see some fairies out here. The perfect place for them.

Butterflies everywhere.

First time Violet has ridden a trolley. She was very excited, not that you could tell in this photo. She informed me it was just like Meet Me in St.Louis.

The chapel that you can rent for weddings.

Very cool inside.

I imagine this place would look awesome for an evening wedding. Though they are hard to see in the photo, there are marbled glass wall sconces that run the length of the chapel.

My absolute favorite picture from yesterday. As we were heading back into the visitors center to leave Violet noticed the glass gems hanging from an arch way over the brick path. Chris picked her up and put her on his shoulders. She thinks these things are from fairies because last fall at the Ren. Fest. a fairy stopped us and gave Violet one of these and told her they were magic. In fact one of the fairy house installations had a bunch of these laying on the ground and I told her she could have one. Violet's pockets were full of nuts and other things that had fallen from trees as well as a few of these glass things. She was only a bit disappointed that she was not allowed to pick flowers.

We decided to get some lunch once we left the park. If you've been to Powell Gardens you know there is nothing around it. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. It's located between Lee's Summit and Warrensburg. We decided to check the Around Me app and located Porky's, a BBQ place not too far away. It was an adventure for sure. We new the rode we turned off of was only a two lane rode through farm land. We arrived at our destination. This is the only business at the corner of Buckner Tarsney Rd and Colbern Rd. I've driven Colbern tons of times but never this far out. Wish I could have gotten a photo of the outside but since it was literally right on the rode, with cars going 50, I didn't really want to get run over.
Chris loved it! I'm not a huge fan of BBQ or a ton of meat but my brisket sandwich was pretty good. Violet ate like a champ! Even ate some baked beans.
We had about a 30min drive home and I had hoped Violet would sleep. Of course not. When she finally does fall asleep in the car we're always 5 min from the house. Forced her to stay awake the last few minutes of the drive. Got home and she took a nap. We wore her out.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We spent this morning at Powell Gardens. This summer they have Fairy houses and forts set up in the park. Very cool and Violet loved it. Wish we would have gone to the Friday night opening. All the paths were lit with torches. They had fairies running around and games for the kids.

Really cool pirate fort. I want this in my backyard!

She's telling me she won't go out the other end because of a spider.
More photo to come.