Saturday, December 15, 2007


Currently as I post it is still snowing. Nothing major just a couple of inches. But it's our first real snow this year. I don't count ice. I always love it when the yard has no footprints in it. That'll change after the kids come out tomorrow. So I snapped a quick pick. Plus it looks nice with all the christmas lights. Happy sledding!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've seen these on a lot of baby boutique websites. They are just a little bag that holds about 3-4 diapers (depending on size) and the travel box of wipes. I had some scrap material laying around and decided to make my own. It's about 8x12. Very easy construction. Simple envelope with a velcro closure. I even have enough room inside for a tube of cream or what not. The button is just decorative. I thought this would be great in a diaper bag. All you'd need when changing a diaper is to grab this little bag and you have everything you need.


Our stroller arrived Tuesday in freezing rain. The frame is aluminum and it was very cold putting together. Ivy enjoyed going for a ride!
This is the one item we splurged on. The stroller is the Bumbleride Flyer. I just went to their website and saw that they are offering a second set of fabric in three different colors to choose from for only $29. The fabric on this frame can be totally removed and washed or replaced. So if you've bought this after Oct 26, 2007 this applies to you. You just need a copy of the reciept and you have to have it mailed in with in 30 days of purchase of your Flyer. Just go to to get the info.