Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey, what's inside my little kitchen!!
Two minutes before this she was getting out of the car bawling about Ivy. It kind of came out of nowhere. We hadn't been talking about her in the car at the time. The only thing I can think is the stop at Petco on the way home triggered it.
Willow is not happy right now. Old lady really wants nothing to do with Harley. Of course Harley just wants to play with her. Willow was one of my main concerns about getting another dog. I think Willow has realized she's not just visiting and is not going anywhere. There's been lots of growling and snippiness. She's been getting extra attention and extra treats right now.

She likes to chase feet.


A safari themed Kindergarten round up was last night. We got to see one of the three Kindergarten classrooms and met the teachers, the principal and saw the rest of the school.. As excited as Violet has been about the subject Kindergarten, she was not last night. When asked questions you could barely hear her talk. Most people had to ask her to repeat herself because they could not hear her. It also didn't help that she constantly had her hands in her mouth, one of her nervous habits. While in the Kindergarten classroom the teachers would call over each child and have them sit at the table, draw a picture and talk to them. I literally had to pry Violet's hands off me she would not let go and she she turned to me about ready to cry. I fear the first day of Kindergarten may be a rough one. However give her two weeks and I think she'll have warmed up just fine. She'll know five other Kindergarten kids and I hope at least one of them is in her class. It also helps that we know and play with all the other elementary school kids on her street so she'll see kids she knows.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Meet the newest member to the family. Harley.
Harley Quinn to be exact. Her name is little homage to Ivy who was named after Poison Ivy. Both names are female characters from Batman. Not that I am overly knowledgeable in the Batman-verse, but I fell in love with Bruce Timms Batman Animated Series in college and it was a show that people did not miss. In fact I watched all four of his shows Batman, Batman & Robin, Superman, and Batman Beyond. Anyway...enough about Batman.
Even as of yesterday morning, when Chris picked her up, I was torn about getting another dog. How could anything take Ivy's place. No dog could. Harley has brought some happiness into the house. In fact Violet broke down crying yesterday on the way home from school about Ivy. Little Harley was a nice surprise when she walked in the door last night.
Harley is an 8 week old, 3lb Yorkie-Poo that we rescued from Paws & Hooves Rescue out of Oak Grove, MO. That's about 45-50 min outside Kansas City. This organization goes to animal auctions and buys as many dogs and even horses that they can afford at the time. Many of these animals sold at these auctions are more than likely bought by puppy mill breeders looking just to breed the animal. So sad. But now Harley has a forever home with us.
Having only had her a day it's very odd at the similar characteristics she has that Ivy had. Not that I'm trying to compare. Ivy and Willow were very very different dogs. Clearly different as puppies as well. Just like Ivy, Harley is sassy and super playful. She plays with her food, runs in and out of my legs like a cat, is cuddly, and is a tad hard headed. Example of hard headedness...last night I set up her box next to the bed, a box that with it's sides up is about 27" tall. After 10min of crying, whining and scratching I noticed it stopped. I looked down to find she had some how gotten out of the box and was sitting up looking at me with that 'what' look on her face. Quite the feat for a 3lb dog. So she ended up in bed with me just like Ivy did as a pup. I have to figure out something else tonight. I don't want to start a bad habit this time around.
Yorkie Poo's generally range anywhere from 8-10 lbs. Willow is 9.5lbs so we don't think she'll be any larger than her. Chris thinks she'll be smaller. Because she is poodle mix she won't shed. She also doesn't have the undercoat like Poms do, so baths and grooming will be a lot easier.
I took more photos and will post them tonight along with how Willow took to a new dog in the house.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was going through photos on my phone cleaning stuff out and ran across this photo that I forgot I took. This was taken at Grandma Fabsits house the day before we left for our Disney trip and just a week before Christmas. What a well natured dog to let Violet put her in a doll stroller. Of course it didn't last long but got a cut pic.

Monday, April 22, 2013


We went to the kite festival again this year. We headed over after the soccer game.  It was a little chilly when we first arrived but warmed up once the sun came out.
Free balloon animals for the kids.
Unruly hair. Lately it seems like I can't keep any of her hair pulled back. She's got a bunch of new hairs all around her face that are just crazy. It must be that her hair is starting to thicken up a bit. But in the mean time till it grows out it's just gonna look messy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Violet got a new dresser last week. With all the chaos of last weekend her mini makeover just didn't get finished. I plan to paint the brown shelves white too. The old dresser has been moved into the new babies room.
She got some new curtains too. Made some pull backs with some of the left over material I had from making her bedding.