Sunday, February 17, 2008


So many of you know that the Fabsits children are big fans of Sweet Tarts and Sprees. About ten years ago Nestle bought Sweet Tarts and Sprees from Sunline Brands located in St. Louis, MO. Growing up we often got to do taste testing. Recently it was announced that Nestle was stopping making Sprees. Noooooo! I buy a roll or box whenever I see them. It will be a sad day when my stash is gone.
Anyway... when Nestle bought them they screwed Sweet Tarts all up. They added the Blue berry flavor and changed the Green lime flavor to apple. Just plain gross. I quickly stopped eating the Sweet Tarts because a roll was always loaded with the Blue. The only time I'd buy the Sweet Tarts was during Easter when you could get the Chicks and Ducks shaped Sweet Tarts. These bags had only the Grape, Cherry and Lemon. Perfect!! I looked forward to every Easter when I'd buy bags after bags of these. So I was super excited to find out that the Easter candy was on shelves this weekend. I quickly ran threw the aisles looking for my Sweet Tarts. I grabbed a hand full of bags only to find they replaced the Lemon with the nasty Blue. Come on!!!!!!! I was so angry I decided I need to complain here. So I will soon no longer be able to get my Sprees and I can't even look forward to my Sweet Tarts once a year!! Oh, and by the way Nestle also screwed up Tart-n-Tinys and Fun-Dip but I won't go into that. >: (