Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday was Violet's 5 year checkup.  She weighs 43 lbs which puts her at 71%. Her percentage is up from 64% last year. And she's 45" tall putting her in the 94%! She's grown 3 inches this year.
She's officially ready for kindergarten. If she had to start tomorrow she'd be ready. 
This wear was a big year in learning new things. She knows her phone number and address. Can tie her shoes and button or zip her coat on her own. Little tiny buttons still a problem. She has no problem putting together 700 piece Lego sets, which amaze Chris and I. Can ride a bike with no training wheels. A task she learned last march. And lastly she's reading. We've been working on this since last august. She read the Bob books with no problem and she's graduated to I Can Read first readers. She read Scat, Cat! Much longer than the Bob books and took a little while but she got through it. Only about five words she had problems with. Everyday she amazes us with questions she asks or things she knows and has learned at school.
What we need to work on: Eating more and in a timely fashion. We keep telling her she's not going to have an hour to eat lunch in kindergarten. That's how long it takes her to eat her meals.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Violet's  birthday was friday and we had a mini party with just us and grandma Fabsits from STL. Bought a Baskin Robbins ice ream cake.
Saturday we celebrated with family. Minnie Mouse themed.
Ginormous 5 year old. We'll see next week at the Dr's appointment how much she's grown. She's not thrilled with the idea of shots though.