Thursday, March 26, 2015


He didn't like the paper at first.
Yesterday Gryphin had his 18 month checkup.  He is 33 1/2" tall which puts him in the 83%. He grew 3.5" in 6 months. His head measures 47cm at 28%. However he only weighs 22.7 lbs putting him really low at 9%. He's only gained 1.5 lbs in six months. No wonder his pants aren't fitting in the waist. Dr. was a little concerned. I was rather surprised by his weight. He eats all the time and eats all his food and extra sometimes at every meal. Drinks all his milk too. He has to continue to stay on whole milk. I don't really know how to bulk him up. The real problem is that he doesn't sit still. He's constantly in motion unless sleeping. My kids must have crazy high metabolism. I foresee another skinny kid to have to find clothes to fit.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I took thursday and friday off last week for spring break. I managed to get a few projects done. I finished our Girl Scout bridge. Violet has walked on it about a dozen times already. We will be able to use this for many years.


Violet got a new 20" bike last week!  I wasn't planning on a new bike this year, but it was clear the 18" was too small. The seat was raised as high as I could get it and her knees were still bent. Violet spent her own money for the bike. She paid for 90% of it with money she had saved and a few birthday gift cards. This bike has handle bar brakes. No more back pedal brake. She got used to it pretty quickly. We went on a few bike rides this weekend and she's really got the hang of it. Still won't let her go down big hill yet until I know she feels really confident with the brakes.