Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We used some bday money to get one of those vinyl tunnels that you can fold up and put away. She got a small activity tent for her bday and so we put the tunnel at the door of that tent and she crawls back and forth. Big hit!

You can see Violet suck in her upper lip in this pic. She does this when she's concentrating real hard.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Violet went in for her one year check up yesterday. She weighs 22lbs putting her in the 75 percentile. She is 30 1/2" tall putting her in the 90 percentile and her head circumference is 46 1/2" which also puts her in the 90 percentile. She has definitely slowed down in growing. She used to always wear clothes a size larger than her age. But we've finally caught up.
We actually went to the Dr. last friday because of a cough and were afraid it was RSV, it's been going around. She didn't have RSV but they did notice some fluid on her left ear and said they'd check it when she'd come in monday. She's been very irritable, crying a lot and not sleeping well lately as well as pulling on that ear. She just hasn't been herself for about 4 days. The ladies at school even said she has been tugging on her ear. The Dr. checked it out and said it didn't look like an ear infection but there was fluid still in that ear. I'm not sure when they consider it an ear infection but we managed to get an antibiotic and some ear drops. We weren't leaving till we got a prescription. I knew if we didn't we'd just be right back in in a couple of days. There seems to be some new trend with Dr's telling you if it doesn't go a way in a couple days come back. Yeah, come back so we can charge you for another visit. Besides I think I know when something is not right with my child.



The three of us celebrated Violet's birthday last night with pizza and a cupcake. This time around Violet dug in and shoved the cake in her mouth. Only Chris and I got to see this. But here's some pics we got of her shoving in the cake with two hands.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


It took Chris and I two hours to ice the cake.

The house was decked out in pink and orange.

The whole family came to celebrate. Some drove through a snow storm for 6 hours.

Violet blowing out her candle.

Getting ready for cake. We practiced for a week keeping her hat on her head. She did great and didn't try pulling it off once.

Adam and Thomas.

I didn't have to worry about taking Violet's dress off during cake time because I knew she wouldn't get messy. She did pick up some of it and eat it.

I guess we wore Thomas out.

Sugar high.

Bye-bye, thanks for coming, thanks for my gifts!


Where has this year gone!