Monday, December 3, 2007


There's nothing like having a computer, photoshop, printer, and transfer paper. My options are endless. Hmmm.....What else can I come up with?


Babys room is done. We decided to go with Dr Seuss because of it being gender neutral. We started this before we new what we were having. We might have gone a bit over board with all the Dr Seuss stuff but it's hard to tell what you have till you put it in place. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find anything Dr Seuss. Luckily I've been stashing stuff away for 7 years. Yeah it's been a while.

When I first started Hallmark we found these Dr Seuss figures discounted so I bought 7 of them and thought maybe I'd use them someday. Then the Cat in the Hat movie came out a few years ago and there was quite a bit of stuff available. That's when I bought the material and stashed it away. I'd then buy a plush character here and there as I'd see them.
We chose a greyed down light blue green color for the walls(however the photo makes the color look a bit more baby blue, it's not). I could have gone with a bright turquiose color but chose not to because I new there would be a lot of color going on in the room. I didn't want color overload as you walked into the room. Plus this color is a lot easier to cover in the future. The prints in the frames are just scans from the books that I blew up and printed. Again thanks to Hallmark I paid $3.00 a piece for each frame. Thing 1 and 2 on the wall are made out of plywood and hand painted. There are blocks on the back so they stand out from the wall. The kites are made out of felt. I decided I didn't want all Dr. Seuss bedding so I chose red and white polka dots fabric. It's hard to see in the photo but the bumpers and skirt are polka dotted with blue trim and ties. The rocker was my rocker as a baby. I painted it white and recovered the cushions with a red and white plaid. That's a blanket hanging over the back. I personally love the lime green lamp. I found that on the discount table at Lowes for $10.00. They had a ton of them. Apparently lime green isn't big with the general public. Finally the flags in the window are scraps of fabric left over from some Dr Seuss material and other scraps I had laying around. I chose the white curtains because they'll go with whatever theme the room becomes later.