Thursday, June 6, 2013


You get this...
When you accidently dump 1/4 a gallon paint in the hallway. No area rug was gonna cover that
and look decent. The duct tape is a result of Chris cutting slits in the carpet to get to the sub floor to add some screws in super squeaky floors. So the plus is we have no more squeaks upstairs. It just cost us way to much to do that.


Started the day with some shopping at the outlet mall. Picked up some new baby boy clothes.
Playing at the resorts playground.  
We had dinner at Hook and Ladder Pizza Co. in Hollister. A fun fire station theme with good pizza. The crust was very tastey.
Apparently they can't just smile normally.
Then we were off to the Pirates Cove Mini Golf.
Feeling and looking a bit puffy. But the pregnant lady did beat Chris. Just sayin'!

Ended the evening with smores on the deck of the cabin.
Cabin wasn't to bad. No AC for 2 days though kinda sucked. Oh and the Scorpion in the kitchen was a surprise.

DICKS 5 and 10

After Silver Dollar City we went to Dicks 5 and 10 in downtown Branson. This store was filled wall to wall with tons of crap. If you needed something in particular or out of the ordinary they probably had it.
Tired from walking all day.
Never know what you'll find here.
Then we found more. Buffalo Wing sauce flavor soda! Eeek!
Because they hadn't had their fill of rides that day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Fabsits family trip to Branson. First day was Silver Dollar City.