Saturday, April 19, 2014


Setting all the eggs out. Every yard on our street looked like this.
This years bunch.
Ready. Set. Go.

Hey...where's my chocolate?


Violet has a Girl Scout camp out coming up and we decided to make a pillow case for her pillow. It's more like a pillow sham and she'll be able to tuck her sheet inside.  This was the perfect first sewing project for her. Only straight lines. Not complicated. A quick 30-45 minute project. Anything longer and she'd loose interest.
Learning to use the iron.
I really did very little to help. I did have push the petal because she can't reach it. I work standing at a counter. It's to tall and she can't really stand on a stool and push the petal.
I have learned that because she's left handed I kept standing on the wrong side of her to show her how to do something.
Pinning. Not her favorite part.
Finished! She wants to make a night time hair scrunchy with the left over scraps. Maybe next weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The tooth is finally out. The new tooth is almost completely in. Dentist told me a few weeks ago, when I was in for a checkup, that if the new tooth was as tall as the baby tooth she'd have to pull the baby tooth. At that time the baby tooth was barely wiggly. Since then she's been really working at getting it to move. 
Violet had her checkup yesterday and new that the dentist may have to pull it. It was so wiggly that we knew it was only a matter of a few days before it would come out on its own. She went ahead and asked to have it pulled. Very brave.
Teeny tiny.
So the Tooth Fairy left five dollars in gold coins. I drove to every Commerce bank in Lee's Summit to find these. Finally at the last bank they said they had some and I took them all.
I found some cute ideas on Pintrest. One was the receipt idea. The Tooth Fairy leaves a documented receipt of the transaction. She also left a note stating that she is receiving $5 because she was brave at the dentist but every tooth after this one is only one gold coin.
She will receive a receipt every time. Of course I've made more work for myself.
:::click square in right corner of video to see larger::
This BLEW her mind. We caught the Tooth Fairy on video! Chris told her he'd leave his phone in her room and film the Tooth Fairy coming. We told her chances of catching her would be slim ;)
The video was created by a friend at work using After Effects. It's just a still photo we took of her room. He added the flying light to create the animation. She watched it over and over this morning.
Then we discovered this. A Fairy door. She must have come in this way.
Doll house door painted and and glittered the door. She desperately wanted to open it.
It disappeared before she even left for school.
Her loot.
I made her a Tooth Fairy diary. The Tooth Fairy doesn't get credit for this one.
Took a small photo book and decorated it.
Inside she can add a photo of every lost tooth along with the receipt and note from the Tooth Fairy.

Monday, April 14, 2014