Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've seen these on a lot of baby boutique websites. They are just a little bag that holds about 3-4 diapers (depending on size) and the travel box of wipes. I had some scrap material laying around and decided to make my own. It's about 8x12. Very easy construction. Simple envelope with a velcro closure. I even have enough room inside for a tube of cream or what not. The button is just decorative. I thought this would be great in a diaper bag. All you'd need when changing a diaper is to grab this little bag and you have everything you need.


Laura said...

Cute!! I think this is the one thing on your site that I could actually make myself, lol.

Syndie Sorensen said...

Just a will also need a changing pad. I have an extra one that I never used that may even fit in this. Let me know if you want it.