Monday, December 17, 2007


While the snow was falling Saturday I was procrastinating from what I should have really been doing, which is working on my squirrel head, and I decided to break open one of the many baby patterns I have bought over the past few months and make an outfit or two. The hat is McCall's 4478 the outfits are Simplicity 4243. Simplicity 4243 says easy-to-sew. That's true till you get to the arm holes. How am I supposed to fit that around my sewing machine? It was a challenge. So it took me all day Saturday to make these as well as a Baptismal day outfit out of the same Simplicity pattern. I still have the bottoms to finish on that one.

I am not a fan of pink but I really like this print. It's a reproduction 1930's print. It's a bit more salmon in color than just pink. The bottoms and hat match both tops.


Mrs. Schlette said...

Do you buy the reproduction fabric at a local store or do you get it online? This is a great pattern with so many ways to customize each outfit.

robyn fabsits said...

There is a fabric store here in KC, actually a quilt shop, that sells repro fabics but I've also bought on line at