Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I bought these white keds for $5 last summer hoping they'd fit this spring. But it looks like they're not going to make it till spring. I don't like white sneakers in the winter. They start looking gross quickly. So I decided to paint them. I figured I only payed $5 so if I messed them up I wasn't out much. The above pic was taken right after I finished painting them. The trick to this watercolor/tie dye look is to soak the whole shoe in water for a minute or two then begin painting. I just used watered down acrylic.
TIP: any paint that gets on the rubber can be rubbed off with the mr. clean magic eraser.

I let them dry over night and then doodled on them. I used a skinny sharpie. Because the shoe now has a thin acrylic coat of paint on them, the sharpie did not bleed and the drawing was smooth.

I had some orange shoe laces laying around.

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