Monday, April 9, 2012


I decided to make a planter box out of cedar for the back patio. One of those plastic planter boxes fits inside. There is no bottom to the box so it slides right over the plastic box.

I stained it to match the deck. I'm thinking of making two more for the front porch, but paint them white to match the house trim.

We put this bed in when we moved in the house six years ago. I tried growing climbing rose bushes up the arbor but they just didn't take off. So I decided it was time to fill in the space.
I planted 12 plants his weekend too. I planted 2 purple cone flowers, 3 black eyed susans, 2 different daisies, 2 bee balm marshalls delight and 3 coral bells.
I repainted the arbor a few weeks ago too, to match the new trim color on the house. It's more of a cream now and not white.

I added this little section 2 years ago when I got the Finch bird house. I planted the honey suckle then to climb the post and our old chiminea. I decided to add plants here too. Many of the flowers I bought are wild flowers and they will grow anywhere from 20-36". I think it will give nice height to the area.
The finches were not happy I was hanging around. They kept dive bombing me.

A great cottage garden photo I found at
I hope someday the area looks like this.

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