Tuesday, July 24, 2012


John & Izzy gave Karen and I the fun task of setting up and decorating the candy area and the soda shop that was located in the back of the reception hall.
We had fun decorating and eating the candy. John got all the candy we grew up with. We spent a lot of our early years at Woolworth's on fridays. It was always take Grandma to get her hair done and then go to Woolworth's to have some lunch at the lunch counter. My order was always grilled cheese and a pickle. Then we'd go pick out candy.
Pixie sticks, chocolate licorice, runts and of course candy cigarettes were on hand.
Ice cream in cut little aluminum bowls and rootbeer floats were served in here. 
Of course this was Violet's favorite spot most of the evening. She discovered Pop Rocks too.
Another favorite spot of Violet's. I think she must have gone in that 6 or 7 times with Gracie. I'll post some of our photos from this later.
The room getting filled up before the wedding party arrived.
Wedding photos of parents and grandparents.
I had the pleasure of putting together a slide show for John and Izzy of photos of their family and friends.  Got dad in a few slides. He was there is spirit for sure.
One of dad's blue jump suits. For those who know what this is you knew him well.;)
Ice cream float. Violet had to take a break from the sweets for a while because she made herself sick.
I just noticed the design on the cake is the same design on the invites.Nice.
No cake shoving.
Izzy's brother singing the first dance and father daughter dance. Sweet.
Dancing with Uncle John.

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Beth said...

Great photos Robyn. Thanks for getting Frank willingly dancing...that never happens. So glad you got a picture of it. You guys did a beautiful job; it was a very memorable weekend.