Friday, August 17, 2012


Wednesday was our annual neighborhood first day of school pancake breakfast. I couldn't make it this year but Chris did. Not sure what the displeased look on Violet's face is all about.

The number of kids going to elementary school this year is significantly smaller. We've got a group that started middle school this year. Unfortunately because they start so early they miss the big group breakfast. But they had a small one of there own. 
Then Mr Matt drives them all to school in the Mizzou bus. The above pic, minus Violet and Elise, are this years bunch of elementary school kids. Though Violet looks like she's ready for Kindergarten now.


Amy T-Y said...

First of all, I LOVE the old sewing cabinet! It's gorgeous & I love the hardware on it.
Do you plan to use the machine?
And I LOVE your neighborhood! It's like my dream 'hood! How wonderful for Violet to grow up around so many kids her age!
I'm jealous.
Are you done with the house?
I saw a preview for Hoarders last night & thought of you!

robyn fabsits said...

I will probably use the machine. I'm going to have it serviced and cleaned.
We did win the neighborhood lottery when we moved here!!!
The house is completely cleared out. I wouldn't say he was a hoarder. More of a clutterer and I swear he didn't dust in 20years.
We're trying to sell it to a group that is kind of like We Buy Ugly Houses, but local.

Grandma F said...

Violet remindes me of Karen when she was 4 years old. Everywhere I would go with her people would ask her whar grade she was in, thinking she was a kindergartener. I'll bet Violet will be one of the tallest kindergarteners next year, just like Jackson.