Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's officially Halloween season around here when the Halloween decorations come out. 
Standard stuff like the leaf garland up the steps, giant terracotta jack-o-lanters, and vintage reproduction paper masks and pumpkins were all brought up from the basement.

Some new stuff this year was added. Bought a small apothecary jar and filled it with spiders. Then I stricky-tacked the spiders outside the jar and up the walls. Violet got to help me stick these all over the walls. The witch book is new. It's just one of those cardboard books/boxes you can get at HobbyLobby. I painted it to look old. The inside has some fun orange and black scrap book paper I found.

More spidees!

And more spiders on our Haunted Memories photos.  These keep us in the Halloween spirit all year long. Love the reactions we get from people who have never been in out house before and see these for the first time.

Made this panel for the door. It fits in well with my paper victorianesque Halloween decor. It's a fabric quilt panel .

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