Monday, October 1, 2012


We took our annual trip out to Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. It was a beautiful morning. A little chilly but nice. We crammed in a ton this past weekend. Soccer game Saturday (2 goals this weekd!) then Octoberfest in downtown Lees Summit and then pumpkin picking Sunday. I'm tired.

Violet was very smiley and in a great mood all morning till we left. Riding on the hay ride out to the fields.
I found it! I want this one!
Heading back to play and see the animals.
This is the first year she would actually go up to the ponies.
They have added a giant tunnel town this year. You'd think Violet would have been all over that thing. Not so much.
Barrel train ride.
Lastly we went out to the flower field an picked a  few flowers.

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alissa apel said...

Such pretty photos!!!