Monday, July 22, 2013


We are physically ready for kindergarten. Maybe not mentally.
I made a "1st Day of" board for picture taking. This will be great to use for years to come for both kids. I had an extra picture frame from when I took apart the spare bedroom for the new babies room. I took out the glass and spray painted the heavy cardboard inside with chalkboard paint. Then I added some hand lettering with a white pencil. That I spray fixed it to set it. It measures 16x20. Plenty big for her to write on it.
All supplies are bought and I barely got it all to fit in her backpack. It is definitely not light.
Her lunch box matches the backpack. Bought a bunch of containers for food too. Everything is clearly labeled and ready. Violet does needs to practice opening and closing her containers and drink bottles I bought.
Friday night I finished a skirt for Violet's first day of school. I've had these two fabrics laying around for about a year. Decided on making a pleated skirt. What I liked about this pattern is that it has a flat front but still elastic in the back, no zipper and it will stay on her and not slide off. I found a solid blue tshirt to go with. I wanted red but apparently that was to much to ask. Why is it all girls clothes have to be neon colors right now? Walking into any girls clothing department is like stepping back to 1987. The toddler section is not like that. I hate girls clothing right now. I could go on.
So all we have to do now is final registration this week and meet your teacher night in a few weeks. It feels good to have one more thing checked off my list.

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alissa apel said...

I didn't even think to have Isaak practice opening and shutting containers. He's got making sandwiches down. My goodness time goes by too fast!

He's still working on wiping his tush after number 2s. He'll wipe it once than calls for me to help. I've about had it with that.