Saturday, November 16, 2013


Violet raced her car in the Powder Puff Derby this morning.The Girl Scouts version of the Pinewood Derby. The track is actually rented froma Boy Scout troop from Overland park.
Fancy track.
All lined up in no particular order.
Each race consisted of four cars. Each car ran four races. This allowed each car to run in each of the four tracks. Your four times were then added up and averaged.
Violet's car didn't do to bad. Her races ran 2nd, 2nd. 3rd and 2nd. I didn't have a chance to right down the times. Considering she had one bum wheel I'm amazed she did as well as she did. I was worried about the car not even making it across the finish line.
Waiting patiently. As patiently as five years olds can.
Lane one.
Here Violet is getting her metal for Best Design!! She was beaming!
Hugs from her friends.
We also made a box to carry her car in. Glittery paper, stickers and stick on jewels.
It was Violet's idea to make the car Vanellope drives from the Disney movie Wreck It Ralph. This is our interpretation of it. Did our best to make it look like her car. The paint job is actually all puff paint to give it that chocolate and icing covered look. We would have loved to have been able to paint the wheels more but you're not supposed to alter them in any way.

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