Thursday, April 24, 2014


This evening we went to Heartland Nursery to pick up marigolds, tomato plants and pepper plants for this weekend.  Violet knows that this is the Nursery with the Fairy garden set up. They've had it for two years now. Every year she wants to make one and frankly so do I. I always tell her maybe next year because it's all crazy expensive. There's tons of houses to pick and all kinds of accessories. 
All we could afford to buy was a ceramic house and I thought it was crazy expensive. So we've decided to make everything else.
This evenings project was the making of the toadstools. We made them out of sculpy and wire. These same sized toadstools were 2.99 a piece! I'll clear coat these before sticking them in the ground. They might not last forever but it sure beats spending that amount of $. We're going to check the wooded area for twigs and rocks next. Make a bridge maybe some furniture. We have a bunch of blue glass dragons tears that we're going to use as water. More pics to come.

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