Saturday, April 19, 2014


Violet has a Girl Scout camp out coming up and we decided to make a pillow case for her pillow. It's more like a pillow sham and she'll be able to tuck her sheet inside.  This was the perfect first sewing project for her. Only straight lines. Not complicated. A quick 30-45 minute project. Anything longer and she'd loose interest.
Learning to use the iron.
I really did very little to help. I did have push the petal because she can't reach it. I work standing at a counter. It's to tall and she can't really stand on a stool and push the petal.
I have learned that because she's left handed I kept standing on the wrong side of her to show her how to do something.
Pinning. Not her favorite part.
Finished! She wants to make a night time hair scrunchy with the left over scraps. Maybe next weekend.

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