Monday, June 2, 2014


So we are remodeling our main level bathroom. This is the first big remodel project in this house were we are ripping stuff out. This project is really the result of the fact that we are getting new carpet in the living room at the end of the summer. But in order to do that we had to redo the bathroom because we wanted tile that goes from the garage door into the bathroom. So it's a bit of a domino effect.
Here's a pic of all the carpet and linoleum removed. I hated the carpet at the door to the garage. Dumb idea. But to have it changed when we built the house was going to be to costly so we said we'd do it later.
All holes and tears parched because the builders glued the mirror to the wall instead of using the little plastic brackets. New paint on wall. A nice grey. White bead board will go up last, that's why I didn't paint all the way to the floor. New sink vanity is much smaller than the older ugly builders grade unit. It's a not quite a walnut color and not quite cherry. Something in between.
Floor going in. Tile that looks like wood flooring.
The floor turned out awesome! The dark floor, dark vanity, white wood work and grey walls are going to look great. Faucet will be a dark bronze finish. It'll match the light fixture which we bought a few years ago and are keeping.

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