Thursday, December 18, 2014


So Violet's Elf is MIA today. She was bad last night so the result was that her elf did not show up. Maybe her elf is letting Santa know she got into trouble. She has not questioned where her elf is today and I know she's thinking about it.
Right after dinner last night Violet asked for gum. Like 30 seconds after getting up from the table where we had to fight to get her to eat. I said no because she didn't eat a good dinner. While I was cleaning the dishes I watched her sneak the gum off the counter, take a piece, hide it and then dance around the kitchen. She was sure she got away with it. I calmly walked over to her, took her hand opened it and told her she had to go to her room and there would be no playing at a friends house. She was not happy. Harsh? Maybe. But I'm nipping crap like that in the bud and not letting her get away with it.

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Amy T-Y said...

Don't feel bad. My girls have been AWFUL lately too.