Monday, February 9, 2015


I've been reorganizing and purging every room and closet since the beginning of January. Trying to find better ways of organizing stuff (kid stuff). I have seen hallway tables/cubbies with storage baskets but don't have the money to buy anything new and didn't really want to be stuck with another piece of furniture that we just keep in the basement, try and sell or give away.
We've had the above table in the basement for a few years. Chris used to have it in is studio with a scanner and printer on it. I decided it needed a face lift.
Over two weekends I stripped it, sanded it, added two shelves, restained it Walnut, gave it a clear coat of polyurethane, and bought some baskets. Now the kids each have a basket for shoes and another for winter gloves/hats. Middle drawer holds everyones sunglasses. This cleared up a shoe hanging organizer I had hanging in the hall closet. Now coats and jackets aren't all squeezed together. Yay for repurposing something we already had!

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