Thursday, February 26, 2015


Last night was Violet's last swim lesson. She had to jump off the diving board! She did extremely well this year. She didn't pass level 3 but we knew that would probably be the case going in. Last year her test said she barely passed level 2 and that she'd probably have a hard time with level 3. That was not the case this year. In fact she almost passed this years test. The only thing she was marked down for was not being able to tread water for 30seconds. We were blown away that she did so well this year. I'm ok with her having to repeat level 3. I've watched the level 4 kids. They have to swim the length of the pool and they teach them different strokes. I don't think she's ready for that. I know she doesn't have the stamina to swim the length of the pool. She's come a long way. Just two years ago she'd cry at every lesson and wouldn't get her face wet.
Jump in slow motion.

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