Wednesday, May 27, 2015


You could hear the bus a mile away.Music playing and kids singing and screaming.
Post last day trip to Yogurtini for frozen yogurt.
Violet came home with another perfect report card!! Her and another girl received a certificate and pile of books for being the top readers in class. Violets book list hit 742 books read this year. Now that list includes books she's read and books we've read to her. We read every night. I also keep on her about reading daily. I keep hoping she'll love to read. She reads really well but is not into it. Maybe someday she'll pick up a book on her own.
Here's this years keep folder. It's overflowing!! To much good stuff to get rid of.


Grandma F said...

Somewhere down the road is a book or series that she will fall in love with and that will whet her appetite for reading. It did for you. You just keep on encouraging her to continue reading. So proud of what she had accomplished this year.

alissa apel said...

I have a box under the bed that I just keep adding to. It's not very organized. Just a box of stuff I like that they have done.