Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gryphin's first trip to an amusement park. He loved every ride! Violet and Chris have season passes they got for Christmas and Gryphin was free. I only had to get a ticket which allows me to go back again at any time. I may use it for the Halloween Haunt.
First ride, a roller coaster.
Gryphin is just tall enough for most rides in Camp Snoopy. However some require an adult to ride with him. Chris was a little snug in the cars.
Violet is right at the high limit for Camp Snoopy. Next year she will not be able to ride the rides with him.
Violet was a great sport about riding the "baby rides". She's a thrill seeker and loves the roller coasters. This year she can officially ride all the rides at Worlds of Fun.
Lunch break.
Bad driver!!
No nap except the 20 minutes in the car on the way home.

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