Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Candy from school.

We got Daddy an Adventure Time tshirt and framed photos for work.

Every night before bed, for the last few weeks, Violet and I have been practicing writing letters. She likes to spell words she sees or asks how a word is spelled. She's at the point now where you can spell the word out to her, slowly of course, and she'll write it out. She no longer needs to see the letter to write it. The only letters she's having trouble with are k and y.
So we decided to make Daddy a Valentine with pictures and frame it.

:::click on image to see larger:::

Chris and Violet got me a new camera bag so I don't have to haul my big backpack one around. This will be much nicer to carry around at the wedding in July.

Fancy inside!

Fun box it came in.

Magnetic wood dress up doll from Grandma Fabsits.

We got her some plush Disney princesses from the Disney Store.

I made her a fleece blanket too. This is one of those "no sew" blanket kits you can buy at Joann's but I decided to sew it together rather than tie the ends. I sewed around two of the borders and around the princesses in the middle.

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alissa apel said...

Such a cute photo session for Chris to hang up at work.

Mica has the Joey version of the magnetic doll. Both he and Isaak play with him.