Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The dog that acts like a cat and has 9 lives is home resting now. Not sure how many of those she's got left. She's resting now and I managed to get food in her last night and this morning. Over the weekend I made chicken, rice and carrots thinking she'd eat that. So I got it out again but mixed baby food with it. A recommendation from the vet. She ate about 3 tbsp last night and 3 tbsp this morning. The one little pill is easy to get in her but the other is huge and even after cut up there is a lot of it. Took a little while to get that  in her last night. Think tonight I'll really crush it up and put it in the baby food.  She seems a little more alert today. Drinking water on her own but still won't go outside unless I carry her out. Hope by this evening,with 24hr of the antibiotic in her, she'll feel a bit better and be able to eat on her own without me spoon feeding her.
Illness : bad liver infection, anemic, bladder stones, heart murmur(which we've known) a lot for such a little dog.

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